Monday, March 4, 2013


Love is when mom carried me in her arms ,
(a child more stubborn than a mule)
everyday , miles on her feet with her to her job
and her being merely out of her teens
Love is when dad took me to school,
the head girl, admired by all
and held my hand and helped me a cross the road
I was still his little girl, no second thoughts
Love was when we drenched in rain
wet like a pair of ducks but happy all the same
Love was when we played side by side
you were the best, and I the worst, but together things were fine
Love was staying by you when you crumbled
hoping to have the courage to run away from it all  as seeing you in pain,
 was hell brought alive
but not having the heart to leave you alone
 had to be strong as on me you relied
Love was small puppies sweet and warm
and little kids who smile though they know they have no hope at all
Love is dancing away with the fireflies
whisking yourself away to a dreamland
Love is being confused whether to be bold or not
take the first step or lose you, I do not know
Love is being elated when our hands entangled
and the sighs when you embrace me and say we need to part
Love is thousand stolen glances, lost in memories
Love is being with you ,not been able to let go,
even when the love is long gone

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