Sunday, November 13, 2016

Land of grey

" I want to be happy "
I guess thats what lies behind most of our day today struggles.It would be nothing but utter bliss to have a life full of happiness all the time.
But while some people are always happy ,some always tend to be sad.And what I assume is a majority lingers in a state in between these two states.A grey area where there is neither happiness nor sadness.This could be probably perceived as a boring place by some who love the roller coster ride of life full of ups,bumps,hiccups and downs  .
Yet,what I feel us it must rather be a place of peace and tranquility.Sure,there wont be laughter;at the same time there will be no tears either.As long as you are in this limbo you would be  in a sweet cocoon ,your soul protected from the harsh world outside.But the problem is most of the time the it would be an uneven ground on which this world is lying,so that each moment you will find yourself tipping ,slipping towards either happiness or sadness; episodic burts loaded with so much emotions that will make you gasp for breath when you tumble back in to blissful neutrality.
I guess what would be ideal is to find away to stick your field firmly to the ground so that you would be stable in the land of neutrality .For sure there will be no heartbreaks but it wouwat the cost of happiness .
Or you can ofcourse go along with the tide and let life decide where you will end up;happy ,sad or  forever oscillating in between