Sunday, December 23, 2012

අ )හේතුව

සක්වල ගල පීරල හොයලත් 
හමු නොවි හති වැටී හුන් විට
තමි වැටහුනේ මට
මන් තනිවෙන්න හේතුව 
වෙනින් මොකවත්ම නෙමෙයි 
අහේතුව බව

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yesterday, I came to my room during my lunch hour and all of a sudden it came to me that we are the result of a bundle of choices.Choices made by people  we know, choices of people we  don't know ,choices made by us, choices we are yet to make. Cannot fate be called a choice made by someone somewhere?It reminds me of a scene from a film,the name of which I have of course forgotten as usual,where one simple choice leads to a cascade of events culminating in a death of another completely unknown person.Of course choices made by others  is a bit difficult to meddle with but mostly our life is an outcome of our own choices. Its is  indeed like a huge game of gambling.The right choice made at the correct moment in your life can make you the greatest achiever while the wrong choice may not spare you any breath even to realize that you have indeed made it wrong.
In such times I guess one would really appreciate if there was someone else to make your choices.It is easy , no need to pull out what is left of your hair( if you have any left after the previous narrow escapes) and if things go wrong, hey it is not your fault. But then would that be your life then.Your will just be a puppet I guess, a mere actor in someone else's script. For life to be trully enjoyed you should be the owner of that script of  life You need to have the strength  not only to make the right choices but also to pick up the remnants to build  up your life again when the wrong choices shattersit . Easier said than done.Yet, what is the point of happiness if you don't have to sweat for it