Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flying up High, moments before I crash

Well folks, flying way up high can be extremely fun.If you don't ascend way above the ground level, you will never experience this rare moments of immense pleasure, which is really unbelievable and out of this world. The higher you ascend the more beauty your eyes will grasp and more joy your body would feel. Things that don't make any sense while you are on the ground seem to make perfect sense when you are up there and your angle of observation is different from others. All you worries can be left on the ground even for a few moments and you can roam freely and here too higher you go, I guess the more you are free as not many will be courageous enough to take the risk you are taking. Yet, If you are bold enough , then I'm sure there will be no limitations to the freedom and pleasure that is out there  waiting just for you.
 But the sad point is the higher you go, the more you are prone to hurt yourself in an sudden unexpected crash landing. Of course the moment you lift your feet away   from the safety of the ground it should be obvious that you should be prepared for a crash landing anytime. Yet, it tends to come at totally unexpected moments when you are aware of nothing but the blissful happiness that is surrounding you. In seconds you will be tumbling down from heaven to earth where you will lay crumpled,  until the hurt and pain creeps in to overcome your thoughts of whether you were dreaming a few moments ago. So if you are afraid of that pain it would be better if you fly close to the ground where falling want make much of a difference, or better not to  fly at all and stick to the good old ground. Yet, wouldn't you be always dreaming, Longing for what might be out there for you, if only you could make up your mind to close your eyes, order you hammering heart to stop and just go of, up up and away.
Well, I really don't know. Who does anyway?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Morning World

Opened my eyes heavy with too little sleep and wanted to curl back and doze off until noon. But now I am really glad I got up coz outside the world is sunny and so full of life. So I'm going to leave my safe cocoon for the time being and step out, inhale the wonderful fragrance of the fresh morning sun feel the breeze  embrace my body and just thank my parents for creating me so that I am here today to enjoy this life.
When i walk back from my faculty to the hostel there is this breathtakingly beautiful place on my way.
Its an old neglected small bridge in a kind of small forest.It looks so majestic and ancient with the whole thing covered with dark green moss and creepers hanging around it.There is a stream beneath it and kind of a pond from which water just trickles over a small mound of rocks creating this miniature water fall. every time I look at it it kind of beckons me with this mysterious enchanting appearance. Kind of enticing me to get down there on to the bridge so that I will be entrapped in that magical moment. May be i will get down there one day and take some pics. But I'm sure the pics wont be able capture that mystic beauty as itself. Anyway, off to Kandy to go to Maligawa. Nice day folks.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fireflies dream

Do you know what the fireflies dream of
Its about a magical memory
of soft sweet music
gliding through the silence
mingling with the gentle breeze
under the star-lit skies
As your face blossom with joy
while we twirl round and round
hearts beating in unison
a couple of weirdos
trapped in a fireflies' dream

Thursday, September 22, 2011


That's the bad news of the week. Just as I suspected I cant proceed beyond breathing. It is really pathetic as I am craving to swim at least two steps beyond my second breath. But no, the moment I take a breath I swallow nearly half of the pool , sink down like an exact replica of a sack of potatoes and come up choking.Chau keeps on stressing that I should PRACTICE MORE. Well if I tried this hard in my finals I would have come somewhere near the top ten. It clearly depicts the difference between what you do coz you want to do it and what you do coz you have to do it. Anyway there I was spluttering, water in my mouth, my nose( may be even in my brain), choking and coughing making even Kim worried .I might have even put a record by being the first to die in that pathetic manner if we continued practise for further half an hour. I really dont know where to go from here. part of me wants to quit as no matter how much I try things will be the same. I wish Chau could come with me to teach, but he is so busy and has a wide array of excuses.But I really dont want to give up the dream of a lifetime.Why does the one who can really swim hate it while Me who would die to swim across the shallow end never get a chance?NOT FAIR

Fingers crossed!

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM coudn't write for some time as I  was buried up to my neck in the mundane activities of my life. But I guess that is not a really good excuse, because I have heard that once writing becomes your passion you can go on without meals yet cannot refrain from the jotting down of words into a wonderful creation.Any way, part of the blame has to go to my recurrent mood swings. There are times when I feel so lucky that I am a sensitive person. I believe that being a sensitive person I live through the stories I watch and read letting that joy and warmth seep in to my soul, letting my tears to fall freely when someone dies or lovers have to depart. It is only sensitive people like us who can really enjoy these stories. Yet when it comes to real life there are times when I hate the fact that I am sensitive  since it makes me extremely vulnerable to breaking down.                    Last week i made a vow that I am never again going to let anyone near my heart. I get attached to people too much i guess and in the end Iam alone with my heart shattered to pieces. Every time that happens I vow that it would be the last time, but it has never been so up to now.                        So, I really hope, this time I will not end up with a broken heart. I feel it in my bones and it is really weird.I have chosen the most unlikely person to be my friend but amazingly he is proving to  be exactly what I expect. How glorious it is to feel happy. I had almost forgotten the feeling  when hope came in , in the most unexpected attire. Fingers crossed, I stay, please please, let this  friend stay.