Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why It is Not Enough?

Because every time I hear his voice, I want goose bumps on my neck,

Every time he holds my hand in his, I should  feel as if he is holding not only my hand, but my his whole life,protected  from  the whole wide world out there.

Every time when the world let me downs, because I don’t belong  in the normal group I want his word to soothe off my pain, to tell me it is not a crime to be different, that I am OK in my nutty way.

Every time I get this crazy urges to dance in the rain, lie down  on my roof and gaze at the moon, or completely lose myself in the midst of a sea of evergreen trees I want someone who will not just join me CZ he has to, but becoz he enjoys  the crazy stuff as much as I do.

Every time , he looks at me I want to see through his eyes what my dad sees, his own little princess( though I can be categorised nowhere near small nor a princess)

Because every time even when I think of him, time should stop momentarily, the world stop spinning and I would be flying without wings.

Because more than anything  every time I see him, it should be like the very first day, even when I am in my seventies and he is down in a wheel chair, I still should be able to fall in love with him all over again, because we were destined to be together, it was written in the stars, way before  this question even thought of appearing in my life