Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cookery mingled with Day dreaming

 I got up from my slumber to discover my other half missing on his side of the bed.When I emerged back fro a quick trip to the bathroom, a plate of cakes, grapes and a cup of hot tea was awaiting on my desk.Hmm................ that would be a silent apology from my other half about yesterday, which we planned to spend together but ended up a bit of a family picnic.

I went downstairs to discover my other half starting to prepare a proper meal.Now that was a bit of a surprise. Not him cooking,he is pretty good at it.( Better than me, at  any rate). Usually when we get up in the morning breakfast is already prepared by an adult.Funny, how even after nearly five months of married life I am still been treated like a kid most of the time.Any way since it was the Poya day, the adults have left the cooking to us it seemed. Joined my other half in preparing a potato curry, fired sprats  with onion and green pepper  and a coconut sambol to polish off the rice. It was really nice to peek in to the refrigerator deciding what to cook and choosing a method of preparation out of a hundred and one possibilities, getting in our way when preparing two dishes simultaneously. Phew! That was work blended in with fun. Specially with no adult peering over my shoulder instructing me to do this and that.That is something that really drive me nuts being observed behind my back , every move after move. It makes me so stressed out that I tend to snap out( reminds me  of a rabid dog, actually)

Well, luckily there were no instructions or advices today except the multiple instances where I sought the honorary contribution of advice from Grand pa when I got stuck.
I really wish  we had a place of our own, no matter how small, coz I miss the freedom of choice.

                                                      Ahem...... go on DREAM, honey