Thursday, September 22, 2011


That's the bad news of the week. Just as I suspected I cant proceed beyond breathing. It is really pathetic as I am craving to swim at least two steps beyond my second breath. But no, the moment I take a breath I swallow nearly half of the pool , sink down like an exact replica of a sack of potatoes and come up choking.Chau keeps on stressing that I should PRACTICE MORE. Well if I tried this hard in my finals I would have come somewhere near the top ten. It clearly depicts the difference between what you do coz you want to do it and what you do coz you have to do it. Anyway there I was spluttering, water in my mouth, my nose( may be even in my brain), choking and coughing making even Kim worried .I might have even put a record by being the first to die in that pathetic manner if we continued practise for further half an hour. I really dont know where to go from here. part of me wants to quit as no matter how much I try things will be the same. I wish Chau could come with me to teach, but he is so busy and has a wide array of excuses.But I really dont want to give up the dream of a lifetime.Why does the one who can really swim hate it while Me who would die to swim across the shallow end never get a chance?NOT FAIR

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