Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flying up High, moments before I crash

Well folks, flying way up high can be extremely fun.If you don't ascend way above the ground level, you will never experience this rare moments of immense pleasure, which is really unbelievable and out of this world. The higher you ascend the more beauty your eyes will grasp and more joy your body would feel. Things that don't make any sense while you are on the ground seem to make perfect sense when you are up there and your angle of observation is different from others. All you worries can be left on the ground even for a few moments and you can roam freely and here too higher you go, I guess the more you are free as not many will be courageous enough to take the risk you are taking. Yet, If you are bold enough , then I'm sure there will be no limitations to the freedom and pleasure that is out there  waiting just for you.
 But the sad point is the higher you go, the more you are prone to hurt yourself in an sudden unexpected crash landing. Of course the moment you lift your feet away   from the safety of the ground it should be obvious that you should be prepared for a crash landing anytime. Yet, it tends to come at totally unexpected moments when you are aware of nothing but the blissful happiness that is surrounding you. In seconds you will be tumbling down from heaven to earth where you will lay crumpled,  until the hurt and pain creeps in to overcome your thoughts of whether you were dreaming a few moments ago. So if you are afraid of that pain it would be better if you fly close to the ground where falling want make much of a difference, or better not to  fly at all and stick to the good old ground. Yet, wouldn't you be always dreaming, Longing for what might be out there for you, if only you could make up your mind to close your eyes, order you hammering heart to stop and just go of, up up and away.
Well, I really don't know. Who does anyway?


  1. Excellent work Sanduni. Glad to spend time to read more ... Really superb ideas in a wonderful flow of language.

    Keep it up nangi.
    Good Luck !

  2. this is awesome mate.. this is called imagination.. most of people are lack of this. you are blessed with it. keep it up!