Friday, October 7, 2011

Dew drops

There is this Sinhalese saying that a good friend is like your shadow and never deserts you in both happiness or sadness.So does your tears.These tiny dew drops are always there inside your eyes and just like a good  friend it does not hinder you path when life is flowing smoothly. Yet when the moment arises when your  heart  grows weary with emotions that you cannot handle alone just by yourself these little angels announce their existence.They just silently absorb the excess of emotions from your soul and soothes your heart so that you are weary  no more.And when the brims overflow and the tiny streams run down along your cheeks, they will carry away a part of your troubles lending you some time to  rest and sort things out for yourself.Some say that  ones tears hold more power on another human than the mightiest swords. I guess it is true.Because if you are seeing tears welling up in those eyes in front of you, it means that the soul behind those eyes is desperately needing someone to share their feelings right then may it be happiness or sadness.And it feels wonderful to have a loved one beside you when your tears are falling as you know even when the tears stop,you will be taken care of till things become sunny again.

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