Friday, October 14, 2011

What I would not give up for some moments of blissful sleep

Right now  going through dog crisis.There is this cute dog who resides in my hall of residence.I'm suspecting it to be a she but the thing is it always gives me the impression that its a he. Anyway it has been quite a legend at Hilda Obesekara Hall, year before my arrival here. Some say that it has been here even before the days when it became a Girls' Hostel and boys ruled the place( if you can call it ruling that is). Some say that it belonged to the previous warden of this Hall.Anyway when you leave apart all the folklore and come to the actual creature, you get a shaggy dog with a yellow golden hue. I am not an expert on the pedigree of dogs but can come out with the fact that it must be some kind of a cross  as it inherits features of both the typical Sri Lankan stray dog as  well as a dog with a good upbringing.An accident  sometime back before my arrival has left him disabled forever as a result of which one of his hind legs is always straight. It doesn't let the disability come in its day to day life at all and comes running behind me in his characteristic gallop fro  the gate of the hall up to my room in the sixth wing.I gather that it is a local favourite among the students and has various names at various wings of the hall ,including "Tutu" and"Charlie".It is one manipulative dog, that I can say for sure,because it will stay for hours in front of my door wagging its tail, with  a melancholic gaze until I surrender and give him some biscuits. That I can deal with, but for the last few days the dear fellow has started composing songs at night  which has been impossible not to mind at all.I have no idea what is wrong with the fellow, but there he is in my corridor emitting blood curdling howls from time to time all through out the night.sleeping has become an impossible task and what worries me most is that the other girls might be planning to kill both of us in order to get some peaceful sleep. I have no clue as such how to stop this manic episodes. I have already tried not feeding him for a whole day, threatening him, (no use as he is immune to threats) and as a last resort even gave him a tablet of piriton with milk last night. Well, I might have used the piriton my self I guess, because  there he was howling his heart out as usual.I really don't have any options left.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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