Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late night musings- by a confused intern?

Its almost 11 pm.about two months back I wouldn't even dream of sleeping at this hour.Yet things have changed dramatically and right now i should be cocooned in my bed(If you can call this rock hard thing a bed) without wasting my precious hours of sleep. It is now I realise that time is the utmost important factor in one's life.I would gladly give up any monetary wealth just to have few hours of blissful sleep.But, since that is a rare privilege, I guess I have to be satisfied with the little amount of sleep I can grab.One of my seniors asked what i wanted in life if not doing medicine.when I come to think of it what I would want to do more than anything is to write, write and write.Now that life has become so hectic I do not know whether I can write as often as I did before. But I am definitely going to try.Because some people live on their dreams;I am definitely one of them and this is my dream

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