Friday, January 27, 2012

Short notes

Here, I am fretting over few hours of lost sleep, while out there in the wide universe there are real people having real problems.There is Mrs Indrawathi, who has heart failure and diabetes plus a nasty wound in her leg.Yet every morning she never failed to bestow upon me the sweetest smile and  never ever complained even when she  was kept fasting for long stretches for her frequent wound toilet. While I am grumbling about my worries she takes her life one day at a time and manages to be  contended with what she has.and there is Mrs Poornam, whom we diagnosed to have a carcinoma in the biliary tract and needs a major surgery. She is begging me to send her home,to have some time with her small ones before coming back for the surgery.It is not her life she is worried about but about leaving her beloved young ones.That's how bad problems of real life are and its amazing how people find courage to deal with the heartaches in their path of life.These are the real heroes and heroines in our world.

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