Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Most of the time relationships are shattered by misunderstandings.We tend to expect the exact same contribution that we are providing from the rest of the world.But the problems is people are different.The capacity to work of one person is never the same of another and  the same goes for memory.While it is good to  motivate someone to become more efficient and maximize his or her out put there is also the risk of the person getting exhausted and disheartened if he or she has already reached the maximum level  that they are capable of achieving.Although  those who do not work and find excuses for escaping from all the responsibilities should  not find this as an escape-goat,I think it is worthwhile having a closer look if someone is repeatedly lagging behind.If they are trying their best to please you ,but are unable to reach you standards it itself is  enough agony than you constantly reprimanding them to provide better results.

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