Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birds of feathers

Got up this morning totally confused.The first thing I could here was the usual morning orchestra outside my window conducted by a set of tiny birdies who have probably taken in to their mind that it is their duty to act as my alarm clock( which was extremely reliable not to wake me up until it was extremely late).So, the moment I hear the melodies of the outer world my heart rate shoots up(most probably so does my blood pressure) and a I search like a lunatic beneath the crumpled sheets and scattered pillows for my phone-fail to locate it and become more tachycardic- but finally grab it from under the bed and  peek through still 99% asleep eyelids to discover its 6.30am.The remnants of last night's sleep leave me in swift seconds as my body automatically catapults itself  out of the bed and my legs act on their own to lead me to the bathroom .And then it hits me! It's my off weekend.I tumble back on to the bed, cover my self up and sandwich my head between two pillows so that the birdies will not succeed a second time and try to calm down myself to another peaceful hour of sleep.

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