Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Morning World

Opened my eyes heavy with too little sleep and wanted to curl back and doze off until noon. But now I am really glad I got up coz outside the world is sunny and so full of life. So I'm going to leave my safe cocoon for the time being and step out, inhale the wonderful fragrance of the fresh morning sun feel the breeze  embrace my body and just thank my parents for creating me so that I am here today to enjoy this life.
When i walk back from my faculty to the hostel there is this breathtakingly beautiful place on my way.
Its an old neglected small bridge in a kind of small forest.It looks so majestic and ancient with the whole thing covered with dark green moss and creepers hanging around it.There is a stream beneath it and kind of a pond from which water just trickles over a small mound of rocks creating this miniature water fall. every time I look at it it kind of beckons me with this mysterious enchanting appearance. Kind of enticing me to get down there on to the bridge so that I will be entrapped in that magical moment. May be i will get down there one day and take some pics. But I'm sure the pics wont be able capture that mystic beauty as itself. Anyway, off to Kandy to go to Maligawa. Nice day folks.

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