Thursday, March 7, 2013

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, that was and still is one of the most wonderful movies I have enjoyed.Yet I never like its ending I guess.I mean not growing up was what made Peter Pan so unique. As kids we all believed in such vivid fantasies of enchanting fairies, beautiful maidens, dashingly handsome princes who gallop on horses white as snow, evil monsters and demons lurking under your bed ready to pounce on you as soon as your light went off and so on and on.It was a pure world where good was always  beautiful and the bad ugly and scary.And no matter how much frightened we were when good fought the bad, deep inside our heart we always knew  the good will have victory on their side.That was the world of Peter Pan.
                                           Yet unlike Peter Pan, we grew up. We no more believe in monsters under the bed and we have given up hope our hope of the dashing handsome prince longtime back( stability and money instead please.)Good rarely wins and fighting for the good cause will cost you dearly even your life. Everything runs on money and power and good is what they decide to be.So we pretend not to see the corruption wrap ourselves in our own little worlds and believe we are perfect, and happy. That's why Peter Pan was different.
He refused to grow up and become a mechanical human, he did not give up his beliefs.But then in the end he is all alone as all other kids leave him and become adults. Guess it is an extremely lonely life when everyone you get familiar with  just leave yet, you remain unchanged.Does it mean being unique always has a price to pay?

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