Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rain Rain

Well,obviously I belong to the second group.Found this caption in the FB. Really  I don't understand why rain fascinates me.But it does.May it be a slight drizzle accompanied by a   lovely rainbow or a heavy out burst of gods outrage with the back ground of ear splitting thundering,I can't stop loving it.I love the drops of sky swooping down in slender threads, down down down and finally kiss the parched earth tenderly blending with it as long lost lovers.I love the smell of damp earth and the pitter patter as the drops dance on the fallen leaves.It is pure music , rain drops on the roof, on the window pane and everywhere: slow and enchanting, jumping into a quick beat all of a sudden and again drifting off to a lazy soothing tempo.
    But to feel the rain best,you have to be part of it like in all other things.That is why we couldn't resist jumping into the rain when we were kids.Deaf ears turned to all adult concerns of catching colds,fever and so forth, we danced in the rain, and those were magical memories.Sadly, now that I am older, even if I walk without an umbrella in a slight drizzle I get stared at by at least a dozen.So wouldn't even think of dancing in the rain unless I'm secure inside my garden walls.Yet every time it rains I think my soul jumps out and dances in the rain, feeling the cool pureness of those magical drops heeling and soothing myself. Why else do I feel immensely happy just like a kid every time it rains ?


  1. sanduni why dont you try to write in sinhala,it would be nice if you write your thoughts in sinhala.

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